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PGW, not just a home, but a community for advisers

PGW Financial Services – your community of trusted advisers and passionate entrepreneurs

Financial advisers deserve a great home for themselves and their clients. They need a community of talented, like-minded people to support and inspire them. And they need choice, flexibility and control over their own business.

For Advisors

Financial advisers deserve a great home for themselves and their clients. They need a community of talented, like-minded people to support and inspire them. And they need choice, flexibility and control over their own business.

At PGW, our number one priority is to build this home.

Who is PGW?

PGW is a national financial services dealer group in Australia that aims to build a better future for the financial advice business. We provide high-quality advice and advocate for the advice profession.

What started as an offshoot from a compliance business has grown into a destination for advisers who want a stable home built on a strong, but common-sense, compliance culture.

We bring many different types of advice businesses into our community, including:

- equity advisors
- insurance advisors

- wholesale advisors
- holistic financial planners

Why we're different

All our key management personnel are or have been, financial advisers. So we know what it takes to run a successful advisory practice.

We pride ourselves on being supportive, capable and loyal to our adviser community. We don’t believe that you serve us – we aim to serve you and help you build your business your way.

As time is always of the essence, we promise fast turnaround times for document approvals and prompt responses to any queries you have or assistance you need.

Practical and common-sense compliance

When you’re dealing with compliance, it’s easy to just follow the legislation and regulations without considering what they’re trying to achieve or the client experience.

At PGW, we take a more common-sense approach to compliance. When done right, common sense and compliance can be two sides of the same coin.

Flexibility and open approach

Every advisory business is unique and needs the right solutions for their particular business and clients. That’s why we provide an open approved product list (APL) and agnostic approach to planning software.

his gives you the flexibility to run your practice and use products and services as you desire. Different advisers need different approaches to advice development, so we support a range of options to assist you.

Streamlined transfer process

Our streamlined transition and implementation process ensures minimal disruption for you and your business. Our experienced and supportive staff can guide you through the entire migration process.

Superior service delivery

As our key managers are former or current advisers, we know how important great service is to you. For that reason, every PGW adviser has a direct line to management at all times.
Additionally, we know time is a critical asset, so we promise fast turnaround times for reviews and approvals. Our same-day response policy won’t leave you wondering when you’re going to hear from us.

Business and planning advice

PGW’s practice development team is at your disposal. They are your best resource for building a practice that performs at its peak. With their future focus and business expertise, they can give you insights on your performance and work with you on your business goals. We want your success as much as you do!

Education and training opportunities

We offer our advisers ongoing education opportunities to increase the skills and knowledge in our adviser community and build capability in every business.

Our education programs support different learning styles and provide information that’s completely relevant to whatever stage your business is at.

Encouraging financial advisers to pool their information is vital to the future of our profession. At PGW, we promote knowledge sharing, not holding onto insights that could help others.

Our training and education programs are provided by Kaplan Ontrack, a leading education provider in the industry.

Join the PGW community today!

We’re always looking for talented, ambitious and like-minded advisers to join the PGW community. Your success is our success, and your brand values and cultural identity are very important to us. We will work closely with you to help your unique practice grow and prosper.

Contact us today to join PGW – your community of trusted advisers and passionate entrepreneurs.

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